About CyclistWriter’s Writer

“Why be another anonymous asshole?”

That’s what one friend said to me about my lack of an autobiography on CyclistWriter.

Indeed, I might as well be a transparently known asshole. So here goes:

Like most people who have made their career in trade journalism, I backed into it more by happenstance than through any strategic thinking on my part. Along the way, I’ve published feature articles, news stories, books, white papers, and such for a living since 1980; that’s when I was made editor of an in-house company newsletter called The Probe. You have to start somewhere.

Hundreds of my bylines have since appeared in dozens of magazines, newspapers, research reports, and books. I’ve been on the staff of more than a half dozen computer technology magazines, including Computerworld, LAN Technology, MacWeek, Performance Computing, SunTech Journal, which I founded, and UNIX Review. On all these listed, save Computerworld, I served as editor in chief. In 1990 with John Barry, I co-wrote the best selling business book Sunburst: The Ascent of Sun Microsystems.

Although most of my published work relates to computers and the tech business, I have also written for general-interest periodicals such as The Writer, North American Review, Christian Science Monitor, Touring Bike, and others. I’ve been a regular book reviewer for The Humanist and the San Francisco Review of Books. I have contributed to Encyclopedia Britannica since the 1990s and even had a couple of peer-reviewed, scholarly papers published in Southern Studies and Georgia Historical Quarterly. And, of course, I published Evermore an ebook novel on Amazon.com.

Currently, I am freelance writing for both independent magazines and websites as well as ghostwriting for tech companies, including a few among the Fortune 1000.

I still think my prior bio was better. “I write for a living and ride to make living fun.”

All essays and photographs Copyright Mark Everett Hall unless otherwise noted.

© Mark Everett Hall 2011


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